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Couple's vibrators

If you want something to make your partner even happier, consider the ways vibrators for couples can add excitement and mystery to your time together. Need some help? That's why we're here. Forget gifts of only flowers or candy. Experimentation is sexy and healthy, whether you and your partner are in a new relationship or have been together for years.

Vibrators are a cheeky way to add joy to your partner's day — even if you aren't in the same room. Many models even come with remotes or smartphone apps.

Couple’s Toys Are Entertaining

In days gone by, couples had to rely on TV and unsexy board games to pass the time. Now, you can choose from a wide range of sex toys to add a spark to your evenings (or mornings!). From scintillating wands that deliver clitoral or full-body massage, to rabbit vibrators that target the clitoris as well as the g-spot, fill your toy box with enough magic for hours of fun.

You might also like to try clitoral stimulators that focus air waves on one spot for an unforgettable finish, or lace panties with removable vibrators that attract the eyes and prepare your partner for the ultimate playtime.

Being Open To Adventure

Using vibrators as couple’s sex toys doesn't mean that your relationship is somehow lacking. Just the opposite — showing that you're open to adventure can arouse your partner and inspire them to find new ways to enhance the atmosphere in your bedroom.

Try browsing Wild Secrets' selection of vibrators with your significant other and it might become a favourite pastime. Many products come with silky storage pouches for privacy at home or while travelling for a romantic getaway so you can have fun wherever you are.

Our Vibrators Are Anything But Ordinary

Our wide range of vibrators isn't just for couples. When you need some alone time or your partner isn't available, you can have plenty of fun as one. Ergonomically designed vibrators made from flexible materials move with your body, so you experience pleasure with comfort and ease.

You might also like to try our intelligent vibrators that come with smartphone apps you can download. These sextech devices allow you to create the experience you desire and enjoy your toy without even touching it, or surprise your partner as you control their toy from another room or even country!

Double The Options For Couples Of All Orientations

Multipurpose vibrators can transform into tools for all sorts of uses, depending on their design. Some are perfect for double stimulation, using as cock rings or as part of anal sex. These versatile products cater to couples of all orientations. So, however you or your partner identify, you might want to put these products at the top of your sexy shopping list.

Combining Couple’s Vibrators With Other Toys

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to using vibrators with your partner. You can brainstorm creative options when browsing our couple’s vibrators and accessories, including finger vibrators, toys with remotes, massage products, bondage gear and traditional vibrators that you add your own exciting twists to during use, while keeping safe.

Safety Is Always A Priority

Read the product descriptions to find out which items are best suited to your and your partner’s needs, whether that means it needs to be latex-free, waterproof or safe for your situation in another way. Many products come with a warranty to provide confidence in your selections.

Be sure to explore other categories of Wild Secrets’ naughty toys and essentials for you and your partner. We also recommend starting with lingerie and footwear to set a sensual scene with your partner.

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