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Female Pumps

Long seen as an almost exclusively male device, we have seen a recent explosion in the popularity of these fun devices.

Female pumps of all types work in the same way as their male counterparts. They first use sensation and suction to create and heighten arousal. Wild Secrets features dozens of different types of female pumps, many designed to target a specific erogenous zone. Continued use can lead to body shaking orgasms.

We also have a range of suction cups designed for use anywhere on the body where pressure creates arousal.

Clitoral Pumps

All of these pumps work on the same idea, creating intense suction around the most powerfully erogenous area on most women’s bodies, their clitoris.

Imagine constant, increasing, pleasurable, and powerful pressures that elicit an orgasm from you by stimulating your most sensitive area.

Some feature a minimalistic design that uses mainly suction for stimulation. Other pumps incorporate silicone nubs that provide even more powerful sensations than suction alone.

Many of our clitoral pumps also include waterproof design for both wild and wet action.

Vaginal Pumps

These devices lift labia sensations to higher levels. Using suction, they naturally cause your labia to expand in both size and sensitivity.

At Wild Secrets, we have a solid selection of vaginal pumps. You may choose from simple pumps that work on suction alone. We also have a range of more powerful devices with amazing attachments, like a built in bullet vibrator for maximum orgasm producing power.

You can use your vaginal pump to boost sensitivity before sex with a partner or to prepare yourself for a more intense gratification session.

Nipple Pumps

So many of today’s adult toys focus on fun below the waist. Wild Secrets has not forgotten that nipples need sensual stimulation as well.

Give your ta-tas a tremendously titillating time with our nipple pump selection. We offer everything from simple silicone suckers to elaborate electric alternatives , like our nipple pump that comes complete with a bullet style vibrator and the best in hands-free breast stimulation

Consider Using Cups

Almost all erotic toys that rely on suction take their cues from devices created and used by the Chinese many centuries ago. Cupping therapies created incredibly pleasurable sensations when applied to the skin.

Our sensual cup toys can introduce you to this incredible technique that heightens both sensations and arousal. Although you can use them anywhere, we recommend that you focus on naturally sensitive areas that provide immediate arousal, such as the breasts, buttocks, thighs, and elsewhere.

Remember before use that, occasionally, these suction cups can leave harmless markings after use.

For more advanced users, we also offer suction cups with vibrating features for even more intense stimulations.

Check out our broad range of nearly 10, 000 different adult erotic toys, and accessories designed for almost any personal sexual pleasures. Why wait for an enhanced sexual experience whether going solo or with a partner? Try one or more of our Wild Secrets selections today.

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