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Penis urethral play sex toys generally include urethral sounds and penis plugs. Men use these toys in BDSM for enhanced sexual pleasure. During use, the toy stimulates the urethra. Urethral sounds are longer toys that you can move in and out during sexual activity. They massage the inside of your penis, leading to what many men describe as the most satisfying sexual experience of their lives! Sounds reach deeper inside the urethra, and they come in a range of sizes and styles.

Other Types of Urethral Play

In addition to urethral sounds and penis plugs, some men enjoy using urethral vibrators, electric stimulus sounds, and urethral stretchers. At Wild Secrets, we offer a range of toys designed for urethral play. Opt for the ultimate urethral sounding toy or a classic penis plug to suit your need, desire, and budget.

When using urethral toys for the first time, choose a probe that’s the right size and material for your level. Fortunately, Wild Secrets makes it easy and private to learn about the different types and sizes of toys we sell. Check out the descriptions to learn which size and type of stimulation is right for your first time. You might want to opt for something like the beginner-friendly Master Series Silicone Urethral Sound Training Set.

Another option is the OUCH! Urethral Sounding Silicone Plug Set. Both of these sounding sets are designed for gradual progression for the maximum in safe sexual exploration and satisfaction. Beginners should use shorter, flexible urethral sounds until they become more experienced.

The longest urethral sounds are made to stimulate the bladder and prostate. While these provide the greatest stimulation, only those men who are experienced in sounding should try them. For a more stimulating experience, beginners might try a smaller sound with a built-in vibrator.

If you’re involved in urethral play, make sure you stock up on plenty of essentials. Using compatible lubricants is important and make sure you clean your toy thoroughly before and after each use.

Shop Discreetly for Urethral Play Toys Online

Men often fail to explore their fantasies or try something new because of uncertainty about what to buy or embarrassment of buying it in person. Wild Secrets is the largest online sex toy store in New Zealand. We make it easy and safe to research a broad range of products online and make your choices in private.

In addition to the extensive information we offer about all of our products, we also provide you with guidelines on how to use them. Follow our advice on choosing, using, and caring for your new toys for optimal safety and maximum pleasure.

We deliver your order in discreet packaging to help keep your desires private. You always get the best value on all your purchases with our Best Price Guarantee. We give you more choices and more ways to save so you can enjoy more of the products you want to try for your adventurous sex life.

If you have questions, read our FAQs page or contact us with your enquiry.

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