Review: A Symphony of Sensation with the Orchestra Pleasure Collection

It was a rainy Friday night when I presented Hubby with a(nother) Wild Secrets box. His response, ‘what have you got me into now Kate?’ Oh he of little faith!

I sat back with wide eyes and watched as he opened the box to reveal the Wild Secrets Orchestra Pleasure Collection. It promised a medley of excitement and new-ish experiences for our Friday night – thanks to grandparents taking the kids for the night! Phew!

We’ve dabbled in a bit of gentle bondage in the past, but only with adhoc ‘tools’ such as Hubby’s work tie and a ruler. That found him being very displeased with a few marks that stuck around for a few weeks though. So I was very excited to give some purpose made items a whirl.

Now as you know, ol’ Hub Hub is a wee bit more wary than his erotica loving wife… so there’s always a little discussion before we try something new.

Here’s a word you’re all wildly familiar with now, ‘consent’. Now that might sound funny coming from a married couple but it’s just as important as for anyone else. While you might feel more comfortable with a long term partner, it’s always important to be on the same page and understand each other’s boundaries.

Read more: Desires, fears, and boundaries with Morgan Penn. Article continues below.

Once we started the unboxing, Hubby and I had a friendly discussion about each piece and how it would be used. Let’s get into it.

What’s in the Orchestra Pleasure Collection?


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The Orchestra Pleasure Collection is a well-orchestrated – see what I did there – ensemble of six pieces. It uses vegan leather and the elements of gold give it a premium look and feel. Here’s what it includes:

Senza Vegan Leather Blindfold

A man lies on a bed, his eyes covered by the Senza Blindfold from the Orchestra Pleasure Collection, while his partner kneels next to him.
The Senza Blindfold features an elastic band so it stays easily in place, while a firmer core inside the blindfold keeps it in shape so it keeps its shape as if covers your eyes.

The blindfold is padded, soft and comfortable. I didn’t prepare myself for how erotic it made me feel not knowing what was coming next. Every single sensation is heightened when it’s a surprise.

When it was first slipped over my eyes, it was like a sign… now we begin. The playful banter and nervous laughter ceased. We were getting down to business.

It was completely effective, I couldn’t even see the candlelight through the fabric and the material was so soft against my eyelids. The sensation of not knowing what was coming next was insanely erotic as Hubby gently guided my hands into the wrist restraints.

Forte Vegan Leather Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

A man is cuffed to the bed by the Forte wrist & ankle cuffs from the Orchestra Pleasure Collection.
The Wild Secrets Forte Cuffs can be used on the wrists or ankles, and are secured by sturdy buckles.

The restraints are plush on the inside and comfortable, the elements of gold are a nice touch. And they’re much more secure than Hubby’s tie!

I’ll admit I was a little nervous when these first went on. The blindfold takes away sight but these took another level of control away. It took a few minutes of gentle guidance and patience from Hubby before I could relax, ready to explore other items.

Despite me being a ‘rhymes with corn’-bag, I also have my limits. One… despite the excitement and thrill of not knowing what’s next I also fear not being in control – in every aspect of my life.

Once the restraints were secure, I felt my heart rate quicken as the power dynamic shifted. We found ourselves exploring new facets of our relationship in a trusting safe space.

Cadenza Wartenberg Wheel

A person runs the Cadenza Wartenberg Wheel over their lover
Wartenberg wheels are fundamentally toys for sensation play. Just be careful if your partner is ticklish. You could end up with a knee wedged in some sensitive areas.

For sensation seekers, this little device made Hubby terrified. I assured him it wasn’t a torture device but he looked very suspicious.

This was a little too much for me personally. I’m very sensitive and ticklish in general and it made me giggle rather than squeal with pleasure. I’m not ready to give up on this one just yet, in fact I think there must be an art to its use I’m yet to discover.

Hubby used this first by running it lightly up the mid lower part of my back. Poor guy got a heel to the nut as thanks. Not my best method of encouraging him to be adventurous.

I think part of my issue was the fact it was unexpected due to the blindfold – paired with my ticklishness. If I’d seen it coming, perhaps watched it roll from my hip to a nipple slowly and lightly, I think I’d enjoy it!

So take note… when using a new toy/tool with new sensations… perhaps discuss in more detail and use with eyes wide open – or come prepared with a groin protector.

Adagio Under Mattress Bed Restraints

The Adagio Under Bed Restraint system is part of the Orchestra Pleasure Collection
The Adagio Under Bed restraint system ca be used by themselves, or as a connection point for your favourite wrist and ankle cuffs.

The Adagio Under Mattress Bed Restraints were INCREDIBLE. I love being tied up – in the erotic sense and not busy sense – and these provided a tantalising experience for us both. We opted to use them on the lounge with soft music and candlelight. Which was nice, but we did have a little candle mishap leading to a burnt patch of rug – the carpet, not mine! Funnily we later remembered we’d had the hedges trimmed a few days earlier, leaving a perfect line of sight from our neighbours’ bedroom window to our play zone. Old ‘let’s call him Doug’ hasn’t looked at me the same since.

Really though, there’s something incredibly sexual and tantalising about all four limbs being rendered immovable. Hubby went crazy over seeing me that way and I could tell how aroused he was by the effort he put into pleasuring me.

Generally I’m the one who controls the flow of sexual adventures, so it was a great change to see Hubby excited about taking the reins. Giddy up!

Tempo Vegan Leather Paddle

A paddle bends as it hits a flat surface, pressed down by its wielder
The Tempo Paddle is both for impact play and sensation play. Try gently dragging the rough side over your nipples. Or your partner’s nipples…

This was my favourite part of the whole collection. With a smooth and a rough side, you can use this for gentle caresses or firm spanks.

The flogger was something Hubby couldn’t get behind, but I loved it. I had to beg him to use it on me… who would have thought? He prefers to be gentle but I personally like it a bit rougher. We started slowly with him gently tapping me with the smooth side, then he escalated the intensity until I was begging for more but he sadly (for me) wanted to move on.

Flogging/spanking isn’t for everyone. My Hub finds it hard to separate role play from real life in some ways, which is a completely natural response for some people. But, I respect that and know not to push him too far. What’s important is always reminding him I’m ok, he’s ok, we’re in a safe space.

We also have a safe word if we feel any overwhelm. I like to change this up every few months for fun. Sometimes I make them utterly ridiculous but slightly sex related for fun. Some examples:

  • Sperm whale
  • Sea Men
  • Vachina
  • Labia-rador
  • Uranus

You can imagine the amount of eye rolling and groaning directed my way in my marriage!

The flogger is something I’m desperate to try again however. After our partially failed experience, I did some research about how to best use it comfortably for all parties. Let me tell you this research showed a WILD array of ideas.

One I loved however was using the soft side to glide over nipples and more erotic areas with a little tap. The rougher side can slide a bit more firmly over erotic areas before giving a good spank. Yes puhlease!

Orchestra Pleasure Collection Vegan Leather Storage Case

The Wild Secrets Orchestra Pleasure Collection and its exclusive vegan leather carry case.
The Orchestra Pleasure Collection comes with an exclusive vegan leather carry bag, designed to neatly hold all your new gear while its not in use.

All these delightful things are brought together in a luxe case. It has a buckle and push button fastenings in gold coloured metal that match the pleasure products inside.

Bondage 101

If you’re new to bondage, I highly recommend you do some research and explore your own and your partners’ comfort zones. Some people are more comfortable being blindfolded than others and as I mentioned previously, despite my sense of adventure there were things that weren’t as enjoyable for me blindfolded.

This article contains some wonderfully helpful information about what bondage is all about and importantly how to do it safely. The biggest point I’ll call out from this piece is consent. “Be very clear about what you’re planning or asking for, and make sure your partner is on the same page, and ready to play.”

Conductors notes

For anyone looking to explore bondage and sensory play without breaking the bank, I think this collection offers great value. Just make sure you don’t trim the hedges first. Also watch those rugs with candles – and perhaps trim your own first!

The Wild Secrets Orchestra 6 Piece Pleasure Collection has been a delicious addition to our bedroom repertoire. It’s helped us try a few new things but has also deepened our trust and communication. Every part of the kit is premium, well crafted and provides a great range of play options.

What’s next for us? I’d quite like to add a collar and leash to our next bondage experience, such as the nsnovelties Sinful Collar with Leash from Wild Secrets. One day I might even get Hubby to give some sex furniture a go, such as the Master Series Faux Leather Sex Bench with Adjustable Restraints. One step at a time.

Kate x